Myth: Traditional marketing isn’t relevant anymore

While digital marketing is having its time to shine right now, traditional marketing is by no means inactive. Marketing outlets such as print advertising, tv commercials, and billboards are effective tools you can use in tandem with newer marketing practices.


Myth: You need to be active on every social media platform

There are plenty of social media platforms out there, each one with different demographics and tools to target them. There is no need to waste precious time on a social platform that doesn’t align with your audience. For example, a makeup brand doesn’t need to be active on LinkedIn, an Instagram and TikTok focused advertising campaign would be much more beneficial to reach the correct client base!


Myth: You need a huge budget to be successful with marketing

You can market yourself with a budget of near $0 if need be. It’s all about the amount of time and energy you’re willing to put into your marketing. Traditional marketing techniques such as physical deliverables and large signage can no doubt add up quickly but focusing on modern digital techniques can cut costs significantly.


Myth: Marketing is all about selling

While product sales are the overall goal with marketing, the most important thing is creating awareness about your brand. Marketing is about developing and projecting a relatable message that represents your brand in hopes of forming a community surrounding it. By creating a community around your brand, you make its products a daily part of people’s lives.


Myth: Marketing results should be immediate

While it often feels like current trending brands found their success overnight with one solid marketing campaign that isn’t the actual reality of building a brand. The good stuff in life takes time, and that’s especially true for memorable marketing. Sure, online marketing and those “viral” social media posts might bring in quick wins, but they usually don’t guarantee lasting growth. Figuring out if a campaign is doing the trick often takes a couple of months, and it might be more than a year before your blogs start pulling in more traffic.


Myth: You need to market to everyone

While you may think that your product is for everyone, at the end of the day every product has a main demographic that drives its sales. Focusing your marketing on your most prominent client base is the best way to have an effective marketing strategy!


Brook Morawiec, Marketing Specialist Split14 Creative

Written by: Brooke Morawiec, Marketing Specialist