DIY- 5 Free Tips to Grow Your Business

Five free ways you can encourage business growth all on your own!

cannabis industry marketing strategies


Cultivating Your Cannabis Business – Marketing Strategies

The cannabis industry requires a unique approach to marketing to not only stay compliant, but to also captivate an audience.

creative and marketing trend predictions for 2024


Web Design Trend Predictions for 2024

Split14 Creative's web design trend predictions for 2024

balancing life and social media


Balancing Life and Media

Social media is a tool for connection and inspiration but at what point does it stop helping and start hindering our lives?

marketing mythbusters


6 Marketing Myths We’re Busting

There are a lot of myths that float around about marketing, don't worry Split14 is here to bust through the BS and give you the facts!

rebranding visual climbing stairs to logo heaven


How to Rebrand Your Business

If you’re having trouble resonating with your audience, maybe it’s time for a rebrand.

web designers working together at a conference table


Web Design Tools

Web design can be a big beast to tackle. That's why we're giving you a list of tools to help!

search engine search bar overlayed on a photo of someone searching on their phone


SEO: A Comprehensive Guide

If a website has awesome content, loads quickly, and is user-friendly, it will show up higher in the search results.

social media icons, likes, and emojis


Choosing the Right Social Media Platforms

Here are some tips and tricks you can use to decide which platform is best for your business.

Co-Founders Elizabeth Conklin and Liz Bartlett

Press Release

Introducing Split14 Creative

The latest addition to Syracuse’s vibrant business landscape, proudly announces its official launch.